About CAS

Creations by CAS is the internet hideout for Christina, the founder and creator. Christina has decided to take her creations to the next level and begin showcasing and selling to more than just her awesome and supportive network of friends and family.

Inspiration is drawn from everything around – nature, cultures, every day life. She expresses it through any form of thread/textile crafting – from weaving and knotting, sometimes sewing, and also a plethora of dream catchers.  Christina loves to learn new styles of art and craft to be able to find more outlets to explore her bottomless pit of creative juices. She’s beginning to dabble in soap making to find yet another way display her affection for herbs and aromatherapy. 🙂

Here at Creations by CAS, Christina will share not only her items for sale but also will share bits of love and inspiration.

Hope you’ll stay around and share what you enjoy, and buy what just speaks to you.